covid-19 update

In these unprecedented times, rest assured we are working around the clock to process your application in a timely manner. Our global network continues to operate where permitted.


Expedite processing (electronic) application


If you are about to submit or already submitted your information for facilitation of expedite processing Thai Police Clearance Certificate application. The impact to the application process is minimal on our part. We continue to process these applications as usual and we have used a private courier to transport the documents between offices where necessary.


However, a fingerprint collection procedure at the following counties/cities may affect the processing time. If you currently reside in these areas and in need of police certificates from Thailand, we suggest you apply as soon as possible.

The Americas

- Argentina

- Peru

- Canada (QC,ON,MB)


- India

- Pakistan

- Bangladesh

- Laos

- Indonesia



- France

- Hungary

- Romania

- Poland

- Bulgaria

- Greece

- Italy

- Serbia

- Croatia

- UK 

- Ireland

- Russia



- South Africa

Middle East



- Saudi Arabia

- Kuwait

- Bahrain

- Lebanon

- Jordan

- Qatar

Resume regular processing (paper based) application

 Effective December 26th, 2020, We will resume our operation to facilitate and process regular (paper based) Thai Police Certificate applications. Applicants may submit the request after January 1st, 2021. Please note that it may take more than 3 months to process the regular processing at this time due to the backlog of the application. For more information, please contact our customer service representative by online chat, email or telephone.

Suspending of free registered air-mail to international destinations


Effective April 8th, 2020, we suspended free registered air-mail until further notice to the address outside Thailand due to Thailand Post (tm) having suspended international services to most countries. As Thai Airways International has suspended all the flight to and from Bangkok and they are the main carriers to transport Thailand Post (tm) international mail.


At this time, we can only offer you DHL/FedEx shipping to international addresses. Please note that we will not increase the postage fee to be shipped internationally by the courier. We will bear the cost of extra surcharge from the courier as they also face difficulty to run a logistic operation.


Alternatively, we can offer you to hold your document until the situation has improved or we can ship to any address in Thailand free of charge.


If you apply for a visa and the visa office has requested you to provide a police certificate, we also offer to ship your document directly to the respective embassy or visa office in Bangkok, Thailand free of charge.

Since the situation of Covid-19 is rapidly changing should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Our staff are working around the clock to provide you with the best possible service and we appreciate your understanding.